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National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project

National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project

7 and Up

Adults should sleep 7 or more hours per night on a regular basis to promote optimal health. Getting less than 7 hours of nightly sleep increases your risk of several adverse health outcomes. MORE>>

Awake at the Wheel

Drowsy driving is common on U.S. roads and represents a pervasive threat to public health and transportation safety. The Healthy Sleep Project encourages every driver to take responsibility for staying “Awake at the Wheel.” MORE>>

Stop the Snore

Snoring is a warning sign for obstructive sleep apnea. OSA afflicts at least 25 million American adults. Pledge now to Stop the Snore and talk to a doctor about sleep apnea. Share the pledge on social media with #StoptheSnore. Pledge to Stop Snoring >>

Dejar de Roncar

Ronquidos fuertes y frecuente es un síntoma común de la apnea del sueño. Hable con un médico acerca de su riesgo de apnea del sueño. Prometa Dejar de Roncar >>

Sleep Well, Be Well

Healthy sleep promotes physical health and mental well-being. It also boosts performance and reduces safety risks. “Sleep Well, Be Well”: It’s the motto for a healthier lifestyle. MORE>>

Healthy Sleep Basics Along with nutrition and exercise, sleep is one of the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy sleep improves your health and quality of life in a variety of ways. MORE>>Resources for Health Care Professionals Health care professionals can help improve public health and safety by promoting healthy sleep and screening for sleep disorders. MORE>>About the Project The National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project was established by a cooperative agreement between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to promote improved sleep health in the U.S. MORE>>